Ice Cave Tours – the No.1 Thing to Do in Iceland in the Winter!

Goecco & Icelandic Ice Cave Guides have specialized in Ice Cave Tours since 2013. We have 4 different types of Ice Cave Tours that will take you to an ice cave in Vatnajokull Glacier.


When is the best time of year to visit Iceland’s ice caves?

The ice cave season in Iceland runs throughout the winter season from November to late March. This is when it is cold enough for the ice caves to become stable to visit and explore. The ice caves also known as the Crystal Ice Caves form during the summer and become accessible in the Winter. The best months for ice caves are usually January and February when it is coldest.

Can you see Ice Caves in Iceland in the Summer?

You can’t see the blue ice caves in Vatnajokull in the Summer. However, you can see the man-made ice cave in Langjokull Glacier. It is a totally different experience, but you will get a good feel for being inside a glacier. We can also recommend going on a glacier hike where you will see ice tunnels, ice formations and see blue ice. You can also go to Perlan in Reykjavik and see a great interactive exhibition about ice caves and glaciers:

How to Choose the Right Ice Cave Tour

It is never recommended to visit an ice cave without a professional ice cave guide. It also takes modified strong, 4x4, vehicles with experienced drivers to get to the ice cave areas as there is barely any road – most of the driving is through glacier territory which includes dangerous quicksand. So do not venture out on your own.

Our Ice Cave Tours

We offer 4 different ice cave tours. Depending on your time and budget you can choose from just the ice caving part to one, two and three-day winter tours that will take you to the ice caves in Vatnajokull. The multiday tours also take you to other famous sights and include Northern Lights scouting. Plus they save you for the headache and stress that driving on the challenging winter roads in Iceland. All tours will take you to best Ice Cave possible on the day. 

We don’t use any sub-contractors but do the whole tour incl. the ice caving to give you the best and most professional experience.

Choose our Ice Cave Express if you have little time to explore Iceland.

Go for the 2 or 3 Day Ice Cave Tours if you want to travel slow, see more and get the full Icelandic winter experience.

If you have your own car just add the Ice Cave Tour from Glacier Lagoon also known as Jokulsarlon. 

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Glacier Lagoon and Ice Cave EXPRESS

Ice Cave Express Day Tour

Duration: 16 HRS. Price: 385,- USD

Blue Lagoon and Reykjanes Airport Transfer

2-Day Ice Cave Tour

Duration: 2 Days/1 Night. Price: 790 USD 

3 Day Ice Cave Tour

3-Day Ice Cave Tour

Duration: 3 Days/2 Nights, Price: 945 USD

Ice Cave Tours from GLacier Lagoon

Ice Cave Tours from Glacier Lagoon

Duration 3-4HRS. Price 185,- USD

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Since ice caves have become the #1 thing to do in Iceland in the winter, let’s get the facts straight.

What is an ice cave?
How are ice caves formed?
Where do you find an ice cave?
When is the best season to see an ice cave?
Here is everything you need to know to plan your ice cave visit in Iceland.

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