Hot Spring Hike & Geothermal Bathing

in Reykjadalur 

Join our legendary evening Hot Spring Hike into one of the most beautiful and inspiring areas of Iceland: Reykjadalur also known as The Steamy Valley. A Must-Do Tour in Iceland Since 2010!

This Hot Spring Hike is an authentic Icelandic experience not to be missed! This is one of those tours that will bring out the big relaxed smiles and the real holiday feeling.

We hike into an ancient volcanic crater with bubbling mud, mystical geothermal steam and surreal scenery. As we get into the still active volcanic crater, we stop to bathe in a unique geothermal warm river that will soothe your soul and charge your batteries.

It is a great tour for everyone who wants to spend maximum time in pure Icelandic nature instead of on the road. 

NOTE: The tour has become a popular self-drive tour, but our version of the hike is not comparable. We take a different 4×4 road and hike from a different starting point only downhill all the way. 

Read the full itinerary and contact us if you have any questions! or +354 855 9090

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“Just do this! It will be a definite highlight of your trip!!” 

5 of 5 stars

Our Guide was “Ana” – and she was simply perfect for the small group of hikers we were. The adventure begins with a fun off-road experience.

Once dropped at the takeoff spot the landscape never fails to amaze as it is ever changing. The sheep were a major player in the fun or our hike as they were very entertaining. We found many trolls, an elf hot tub and had many laughs along the way.

The hike itself is not too demanding, though there are some steeper portions made easier by the poles GoEcco provided for us. The stop at the hot springs, really a heated river, for a nice long soak was definitely an experience not to miss!

The time spent getting to know the other hikers as you enjoyed a beverage (or two) is something I will never forget. This company is wonderful, and Ana was perfect – thank you SO much for sharing your country and positive energy with us!!”

Visited June 2017.

Hot Spring Volcano Hike 

Departures Summer 2018: 15th of May to 15th of September.

Departure days: All Days at 5:00 pm.

Price: 165,- USD for Adults and 145,- USD for Youth under 18.

Minimum age: 8 years.

Pickup point: We meet at the Goecco office in Reykjavik, on Bankastræti 10. The entrance is on the left side of the building, across the street from Prikið.

Tour type: For anyone who wants enjoy an evening in pure nature in one of the most magical places in Iceland.

Group size: Min. 4 guests, max. 13 guests. For this tour to be confirmed, the minimum number of passengers has to be met. If the tour is not confirmed you will get a full refund.

Language: English.

What’s included: We offer all guests one local beer and a snack.

Duration: 6-7 hours. Est. arrival time in Reykjavik is 23:00.

Hiking-level: Although the hike is easy and downhill all the way it requires flexibility and a reasonable fitness level. This hike has steep parts that are not for people with weak knees, or injuries…

Friendly note: We expect you to be an active part of the tour. Join the conversation. Speak up. Ask questions. Share your thoughts. Make new friends. And most of all remember to enjoy the moment.

You are not alone: As Iceland has become a major hotspot destination you must expect other tourists around you. On every tour, we will aim to get away from the masses, but there will be busy stops too. Instead of being annoyed about it we try to see the beauty in people coming to admire our pure nature…rather than just another resort with a shopping mall and a theme park.

Welcome to the 8th Season of our Legendary Hot Spring Hike in Reykjadalur.

(Formerly Known as the White Night Hike).

We depart from Reykjavík in the late afternoon and take off southeast bound. As soon as we are out of town you will see lava fields unfold and grand mountains rising in the horizon – all shaped by powerful forces of nature. This is where we are going! Soon you’ll find yourself on a bumpy road cutting through the lava field on an adventurous journey to our hiking destination. (This is one of those roads you would never have found on your own and the worst nightmare of any car-rental company).

Mystical Steam & Surreal Scenery

We start the hike on the top of Hengill Volcano 800 m above sea level. This is one of the largest and most powerful geothermal areas on Earth, but don’t worry this volcano has not erupted for 2000 years.

On clear days we can spot lake Thingvellir in the distance, which you might have seen on the more touristy Golden Circle route.

As we set out you’ll see huge clouds of mysterious steam coming up from the hot mud pots of boiling rock around you. You will now realize exactly how ALIVE our planet is! 

We hike through the lush, green grass where only Arctic Foxes and Sheep hang out. Prepare yourself for a jaw-dropping view as we arrive at the plateau of Reykjadalur or simply: Steamy Valley. 

You will Now Descend into Another World 

We hike downhill into the ancient volcanic crater and the green luscious valley with a hot river running through it. This is like taken out of a movie scene from Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones.

We will look closer at hizzing and bubbling “Mordor”, find a naturally carbonated spring, and find a secret blue waterfall. 

AAAAAH! Life is Good! (Hot River Bathing)

As we approach the hot river we will find a good spot to bathe in and enjoy the steamy, hot, geothermal water. This is the part that will bring out the big relaxed smiles and the real holiday feeling. 

Here we will enjoy some drinks and some very local Icelandic snacks!

Recharged and refreshed we continue the hike downhill passing more steam, grazing sheep, stunning scenery, and even a hot waterfall.

At the bottom, we will be picked up by our driver and taken back to Reykjavik with Icelandic music in our ears and feeling a little bit high on Icelandic nature…


This hike is downhill all the way and can be done by all ages from 8-65 years. And a great tour for those who want to spend less time in a car and more time in nature.

Pickup Point: We meet at the Goecco office in Reykjavik, on Bankastræti 10. The entrance is on the left side of the building, across the street from Prikið. Meeting time is at 16:45, and departure is at 17:00.

goecco reykjavik departure location      

door geothermal bathing afternoon hike from Reykjavik

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“Such a personalized and intimate hike” 

5 of 5 stars

We went on a fantastic hike through the hot springs of Reykjavik. Our tour guide, Freddi, was super polite, knowledgeable, and accommodating- he even brought us some Icelandic beers to sip on in the river!

Of all the things I did this weekend in Iceland, this was the most memorable. A nice intimate hike away from the large swaths of other tourists is what Iceland is all about. Take it all in! iceland tours tripadvisor

“Volcano Hike” 

5 of 5 stars

 Volcano Hike

This company is filled with such cool people. Our evening volcano hike was awesome (and not as strenuous as I expected) and we hiked up to a natural hot spring! Five stars, six if I could.

Our guide Fredrick was very nice. He guided us over the boiling streams that could burn us and told us about the springs that could melt a horse completely in 30 minutes. He also shared some Icelandic snacks and drinks with us, the sprits were not my favourite! Fredrick was very knowledgeable about the area and could answer every question thrown at him. There was a little modesty partition at the hot spring to get changed but let’s be real, you’re still getting changed with no privacy. Something to keep in mind if you’re shy. It actually started snowing while we were in the pools, which was AMAZING, but with that in mind I encourage everyone to BRING LAYERS. IT GETS COLD. Bring one more jacket than you think you’ll need, just in case. We’re Australians and were very underprepared for snow. Don’t suffer that same fate. The walk down is hard if you’re frozen. At the end of the tour the guides were so lovely and dropped us off to our hotel because it was a long walk and it was cold. That just showed that they cared about us as more than just money, and it was really nice. Go and do this hike, you won’t regret it!

“Love Goecco” 

5 of 5 stars


“My family of four (including two teenagers) experienced both the White Night tour with Erla and the Four Elements tour with Halli. We were in awe of the knowledge, insights, and beauty that both guides provided. We loved every part of each of the tours as well as the incredible service that Goecco provided. I would absolutely use this company again and recommend that you do too!!!”

Visited August 2016

natural sparkling water

Fridrik Freydal Thorsteinsson Goecco Guide

What to expect from our Hot Spring Hike!

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