Westman Islands Day Tour: Welcome to the Pompei of the North

Visit the world’s largest puffin colony and marvel at the Pompei of the North. This exciting place has sights and scenery that will thrill both young and old! Join our Westman Islands Day Tour

You will see houses buried in volcanic ash, colourful lava, and even lava bombs from the famous eruption from Eldfell Volcano n 1973 that literally happened in peoples backyards without warning.

You will see the serious consequences of living in a volcanic active country and how these immense powers are still at work. But you will also see a little strong fishing community with idyllic houses, happy street art, and the quiet life of a tiny island.

These hostile islands also happen to be the world’s largest puffin colony. So this is the perfect chance to watch these funny little fellas in their natural habitat.

This is truly a fantastic place for kids to explore how humans and nature have to coexist. You haven’t seen Iceland till you have visited the Westman Islands!

Westman Islands Day Tour from Reykjavik 

We set out from Reykjavik and the stuffed puffin shops towards the real deal! After a scenic drive along the picturesque South Coast, we arrive at Landeyjahöfn We catch the first ferry to the Westman Islands/ Vestmannaeyjar. After 30 minutes we will reach the islands that are most famous for puffins and volcanoes.

Volcanic Powers

First, we will take a look at the serious consequences of living in a volcanic active country. During the night of January 23rd, 1973 Eldfell volcano erupted without warning. It destroyed nearly one-third of the houses in Heimaey and buried most of the island in thick ash. At the museum Eldheimar, we will see one of the houses that got buried in the ashes but now on display. Of course, we will also explore the amazing volcanic surroundings and scenery around the Eldfell crater.

Puffin meet and greet

And from there to something very different: Puffins! We go to the very local aquarium to watch fish and sea-creatures, but most importantly to see if the local celebrity Toti the Puffin is up for a meet and greet. Then it is time for lunch in the cosy town of Heimey where we will see several great puffin murals and cool street art and other great photo options.

Puffin Kingdom

And then we move on to the world’s largest puffin colony at Stórhöfði, which also happens to be the windiest place in Europe. This is a unique chance to get up close and personal with these funny little fellas in their natural habitat.   

Boat Cruise

We join a boat cruise to see more wonders of nature in Vestmannaeyjar, including colourful ocean caves, millions of seabirds and with a bit of luck maybe whales too. On the way back we will pass the ocean cave of Klettshellir, which is famous for its natural echo. We will also see the famous elephant rock.

Then we head back to the mainland and Reykjavik again. …..

This Westman Islands day tour can, of course, be costumed 100% to your family. Note: Please consider that all trips are depending on weather conditions and wildlife sighting cannot be guaranteed.

Westman Islands Day Tour Includes.


Private guide Car and gas Ferry ticket Entrance fees Boat ticket


All Taxes & Planning Fees

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“Best Vacation Money Ever Spent!”

5 of 5 stars

Best Vacation Money Ever Spent

I wanted to take my 10 yr old son to Iceland but since he is on the autism spectrum, I knew general yours would be a nightmare! We found Goecco and asked about a private tour that would be kid-friendly. 

We had such a great guide “Atli”! He was fantastic with our son as well as feeding my curiosity about all things Iceland. 

Having booked a private tour, we had the freedom to see some of the cool sites that locals know about and avoid the crowded bus tour parking lots. 

It was an added bonus that I had another set of eyes on my son helping to keep him safe, yet feeding his curiosity.

We spent a night in their private guesthouse and they cooked a meal that was kid friendly just for us.

We plan on coming back with the whole family and will book another private tour with Goecco!


iceland tours tripadvisor

“Experience the unparalleled beauty of Iceland”

5 of 5 stars

Experience the unparalleled beauty of Iceland while avoiding the hordes of tourists

Our family visited Reykjavik for 2 weeks. We are a very active and challenging family of 12 ranging in age from 5-60 years old with a variety of interests and idiosyncrasies. We booked day tours out of Reykjavik with several companies including 2 tours with Goecco (White Night Volcano Hike and Snæfellsnes & Geothermal Bathing Tour).

Goecco itineraries achieved the nearly impossible – taking us to amazing spots while avoiding the crowds. It felt like we were seeing and enjoying these places more like locals than like tourists.

Our guides (Anna Frida, Kristina and Selma) and our drivers were all wonderful and made us feel that we were in very good hands. This helped us relax and have a great time. We never felt rushed. We are very grateful for their hospitality and kindness! Thanks!!! Westman Islands

mer_eab_emr Mississauga, Canada 

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“Excellent Private Photo Tour”

5 of 5 stars

Excellent Private Photo Tour

Where to begin planning your adventures in Iceland? Start Only With Excellence !!! Halli Hansen, with Goecco was absolutely dedicated and up to the challenge of showing a young professional photographer, my 15 year old son, parts of Iceland free of tour busses and bazillion tourist! Westman Islands

My son returned from his private photo tour beyond ecstatic and the photos minus tourist where breath taking. Halli even took photos of my son while on tour and emailed them to us!!! Now how fantastic is that!!!!!!! After coming down with pneumonia while traveling with my teenage son, I needed to find a company that I felt I could trust. Plus meet the very high standards of a professional photographer. Fridrik from GOecco exceeded all expectation in providing, coordinating and pairing my son with Halli for a private photo tour. Looooove this company!!!!!!!!

Looking for a non touristy photo adventure ?

Book your private excursion with GOECCO! If you are lucky you might just get Halli Hansen, in fact you should ask for him directly to be your guide for a remarkable experience that all travellers to Iceland should have. Bravo Goecco! Bravo Halli!!

Denise C Haleiwa, Hawaii

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“Well Done! Goecco”

 5 of 5 stars

Well done, Goecco!

My daughter and I had the pleasure of taking two tours with Goecco during our trip to Iceland in March 2016. The first was the Snaefellsnes Peninsula tour, with guide Damen. The second was the 2-day Chasing Ice tour, with main guide Anna and ice cave guide Alf. Both trips were the highlight of our vacation.

Jonas and Christina (Goecco’s owners) were very communicative via email prior to our trip, and answered all of our questions. I like the theory behind their tours … that is, not to just tell tourists how high this peak is, or other information that we’ll soon forget.

Goecco takes you out to some of the most beautiful places in Iceland, off the beaten path, and their guides are so unique and interesting. These were unlike any other tours we’ve ever had, and that’s definitely a GOOD thing!

When we return to Iceland in the future, which is a given, we’ll be sure to book tours through Goecco again!

Ann S Stafford, Virginia


What to expect from our Westman Islands Day Tour

Don’t take our word for it, here are few Tripadvisor comments on the Iceland tours.

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“Iceland Wonderland Private Tour with Goecco”

5 of 5 stars

Iceland wonderland private tour

We are family of 4 (kids 12&10) who travel a lot and are always looking for new adventures off beaten path. This time we booked 3 days private tour with Goecco and we had just a dream vocation! Our driver guide Atli was the best guide we ever had. He met us at the airport at 6am (even though Goecco warned us that earliest pick up was 9am). His knowledge of the places he showed us, his constant attention to every detail, his concern about our safety- and about our fun- was truly one of a kind. This man is a walking encyclopedia- he told us so much about the history of Iceland, glaciers, volcanoes, even types of rocks we came across- and kids loved his stories about trolls and old heroes!

Atli went above and beyond taking us to more places than we ever dreamed to see- and doing his best to beat the crowds (successfully so!). In spite of busy Christmas vocation week he made us feel that we were alone in the beautiful wonderland of Iceland- we found ourselves in an icy cave with waterfall, listened to the glacier slowly moving in the dark of the night and hiked up the glacier where there was no one- just sun, wind and ice… truly unforgettable experience! Atli’s kindness and sense of humor made us feel that we knew him for a long time- and we are looking forward coming to Iceland again in summer and hopefully see our friend again.

Simon B., Ontario, Canada


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“Amazing Private Tour of South Iceland”

5 of 5 stars
Amazing Private Tour of South Iceland

We would give Goecco and our tour guide Atli 6 stars if we could for our fabulous private tour of South Iceland. Understanding that a private tour is not for everyone, we still think the value was incredible as we did so many things we never otherwise would have or could have without the flexibility of being on our own, combined with our guide Atli’s enthusiasm to show us every nook and cranny the South coast has to offer.

We saw all the popular tourist sites mentioned on Goecco’s website and then made countless stops in between and beyond that only an experienced guide would be able to show us. We modified the itinerary/order of activities on the fly based on the weather and even went to the same place twice if we could get better pictures. Goecco was extremely responsive and honest about cost and options all the way through the process and they were able to accommodate specific requests – like fitting in a glacier snowmobiling excursion on the last day.

Most important to the experience was our guide Atli, who went out of his way time and time again to share the beauty and culture of Iceland with us every step of the way. “No” was not in his vocabulary and even the little things he did made the biggest difference (from allowing us to use his phone as a mobile hotspot while on the road to making sure we had plenty of drinks and snacks for the longer drives). He shared all of the photos he took over our three days immediately after the tour and we look forward to staying in touch with him about Iceland and beyond. Our thanks again to Goecco and Atli for an amazing experience.

ETB8285, New York City, New York


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“The only way tour in Iceland”

5 of 5 stars

The only way to tour

To those of you reading this review. If you haven’t yet, flip for the private/semi-private tours. The personal attention and relaxing conditions are SSSSSOOOOO very much better than the monstrous public tours…. miss the huge crowds at the sites, the over crowded busses, and the lack of one on one….

Absolutely Awesome time.

George S.

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