Wild Wild West

Welcome to the Wild, Wild Westfjords 

westfjord day tourThis is a tour for the adventurous family who wants to avoid the tourist traps and experience True North – True Iceland.

The Most Interesting Part of Iceland Right Now!

If you are willing to skip the busy South Shore, you will be rewarded with narrow roads, steep mountains, pristine waters, golden sands, black ravens, seals, whales, arctic foxes, and quietness beyond anything you have ever experienced.

This is the place to go if you want to explore Iceland undisturbed. This is where we can show you “the real” Iceland where time stands still, nature is untouched and so powerful that it will make you forget your busy life at home.

We have scouted the Westfjords to give you the best lodging, fun museums, steaming hot pools, and delicious food.  We play along with Mother Nature and make the adventure from day to day suited to your family. 

Any Questions About This Tour?

Just send us a line at goecco@goecco.com  or call +354 855 9090 – We are here to help!

Wild Westfjords

Here is a rough itinerary suited for families with kids from 3 years and up.

Day 1 – Travel Back in Time

We drive out from Reykjavik towards Flateyri. On the way, we will travel back in time to the very beginning of Iceland. We stop at Eiríksstaðir, one of most historic sides of Iceland. Here we will step back to the Viking Era and visit a replica longhouse of Viking Erik the Red and birthplace of Leif the Lucky who is said to have discovered America. The longhouse is built with a remake of old Viking tools and is said to be the best-built longhouse in all of Europe. Here modern day-Vikings will demonstrate the lifestyle of 1000 years ago, sharing their crafts and knowledge. And the kids get to dress up as brave Vikings. No holiday without ice cream especially not when it is made from the skyr that the Vikings invented. We swing by Erpsstaðir Ice Cream Valley and farm to taste their goods. We continue West and arrive at our lovely basecamp where we settle for the next 3 days of adventure and fun.

Day 2 Arctic Foxes, Pancakes, Seals & Pura Natura

Today we will explore the area around us and spend as much time as possible in nature. First, we visit the Arctic Fox Centre in Sudavik a non-profit research and exhibition centre, focusing on the arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) – the only native terrestrial mammal in Iceland. Here we will meet the two foxes Ingi and Móri who were found after their parents had been killed as part of the legalised arctic fox hunt which takes place here in Iceland in June 2015. Then it is time for a treat! We stop by an original, restored turf farm, Litlibær. The owner who was born and raised on the farm, serve sweet treats like pancakes or waffles and coffee to hungry guests. This is also an excellent place to spot seals lazying around in the bay. We travel onwards to the valley of Heydalur a place of great beauty and peacefulness. Here we spend the afternoon connecting with nature. We can go hiking, horseback riding, kayaking or geothermal bathing – whatever suits your holiday mood! Yet again we might encounter some arctic foxes as they regularly pay a visit to Heydalur. As we return to our cosy basecamp we will cook a nice meal together and enjoy a quiet evening and may be granted with the beautiful midnight sunlight.

Day 3 Sea Monsters, Puffins & Pink Sand

Today we will head down to one of the most impressive sights of Iceland: Latrabjerg. But first, we will stop at the quirky Sea Monster Museum in Bildudalur on the shores of Arnarfjörður fjord. Tales of sea monsters have been an important element in Icelandic folk culture for centuries and it is said that the shores of Arnarfjordur are a sea monster hotspot! We will see the beasts come to life in a hands-on multimedia display and through first-hand accounts of eyewitnesses. Next stop is then Latrabjerg, one of Europes biggest bird cliffs and home to thousands of birds. This westernmost point of Iceland is really a line of several cliffs, 14 kilometres long and up to 441 m high. Safe from foxes, the birds are fearless and provide stunning photographic opportunities from close range. Everyone can take great pictures here! Especially of the puffins are particularly tame. Then it is time to go to the beach – not to go for a dip, but to visit one of Iceland’s most famous and cherished beaches Raudasandur or Red Sands beach. Most beaches in Iceland are black, but the beaches in the Westfjords are golden or pink. So this is indeed a unique place. We head back towards our base and make random stops on the way.

Day 4 Let’s go Fishing and Sailing with the Locals

Today we will focus on the Isafjordur area. First stop is Bolungarvik one of Iceland’s oldest settlements and fishing outposts. The village has been a fishing port since settlement, so naturally, the most popular tourist attraction in Bolungarvík is the Ósvör museum, a fascinating replica of an old fishing outpost. Here we will meet at the local fisherman from the 19th century who will show us around his 19th-century fishing base. This is a great place to get a glimpse into how tough life of an Icelandic fisherman was until very recently. In addition, we will visit the natural history museum in town that hosts one of the most extensive birds and mammal collections in Iceland – including a local polar bear that was caught swimming by and caught by locals. Next stop is the capital of the West: Isafjordur, which is primarily a fishing town but also a central trading and cultural hub for the whole region. This makes it an ideal place to explore and discover part of Iceland’s rich cultural heritage. From here we will take a 30-minute boat trip to the small island of Vigur. Here we will have a perfect opportunity to see Icelandic birds in their natural environment like eider ducks, arctic terns, puffins, black guillemot, and it also a perfect place for seal spotting. Before we leave the island we get to visit a family at their 19th-century farmstead and taste traditional treats. Then it is time to return to Ísafjörður for dinner at the famous Tjöruhúsið. (It is possible to upgrade this tour to a RIB boat whale watching tour instead which also includes Vigur Island).

Day 5 Black Magic, Zombies & Demons

Today we leave the Westfjords to drive back to Reykjavik. On the way, we stop at one of the most unique museums in Iceland: The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft. A very popular museum is to be found in Hólmavík village, on the east side of the Westfjords of Iceland, which is a must visit while in this area.  Be ready for zombies, milk-sucking demons and magical staves. And an exciting place for all age groups!   We continue south and play along with the weather and stop when we want at natural sights and waterfalls.

Wild Westfjords

This tour package includes.


  • Meet arctic foxes up close and personal
  • Birdlife and Puffin watching.
  • Go Swimming in a geothermal pool.
  • Eat cake at Litlibær Turf House.
  • Cook an Icelandic meal together.
  • Meet a local fisherman from the 19th century.
  • Dine at Tjöruhúsið Isafjordur.
  • Sail to the island of Vigur. 


  • Museum of Sorcery & Witchcraft
  • Eiríksstaðir – Viking Erik, the Red
  • Arctic Fox Center
  • Sjóminjasafnið Ósvör – old fishing base
  • Natural History Museum Bolungarvik
  • Sea Monster Museum 

ACCOMMODATION Private luxury lodging in Flateyri – depends on the availability. 

OTHER Breakfast x 4 Dinner x 3 Guide accommodation & food. Transport & private guide. All taxes & planning Fees

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“Best Vacation Money Ever Spent!”

5 of 5 stars

Best Vacation Money Ever Spent

I wanted to take my 10 yr old son to Iceland but since he is on the autism spectrum, I knew general yours would be a nightmare! We found Goecco and asked about a private tour that would be kid-friendly. 

We had such a great guide “Atli”! He was fantastic with our son as well as feeding my curiosity about all things Iceland. 

Having booked a private tour, we had the freedom to see some of the cool sites that locals know about and avoid the crowded bus tour parking lots. 

It was an added bonus that I had another set of eyes on my son helping to keep him safe, yet feeding his curiosity.

We spent a night in their private guesthouse and they cooked a meal that was kid friendly just for us.

We plan on coming back with the whole family and will book another private tour with Goecco!

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“Bang For Your Buck!”

5 of 5 stars

Bang for your buck!

From the moment you meet your tour guide in Reykjavik, greeted with coffee, tea, and Icelandic donuts, to the moment he drops you off near your hotel, Goecco goes above and beyond to deliver you an unforgettable time in Iceland! My husband I and got back last week from taking the 3-day tour with Goecco.

Gunnar, our tour guide, was simply amazing; funny, knowledgeable, kind, and (very importantly in Iceland in winter) a GREAT driver! He answered all our questions, schooled us on Icelandic history and culture, and brought us to see some amazing sights. When a storm closed the roads on our last day of the tour, Gunnar kept us updated on possible departure times, and whipped us up some delicious grilled sandwiches when it looked like we’d be stranded at the guesthouse past lunchtime.

Speaking of the guesthouse, it is COZY! It was such a pleasure to walk into the house the first night to warmth, music, candlelight, and the smell of a delicious dinner waiting for us. Nauris is an excellent chef and made sure everyone was comfortable and full each day and night. I’d mention the sights we saw, and the places we visited, but I think you’d see them all with other tour groups, The difference with Goecco is the tour guide; I could see the sights myself, but the experience would not be half as great or memorable without Gunnar’s guidance. Or the crampons he provided! Bottom line is, if you’re looking to have the best possible time in Iceland while seeing all the sights, learning a lot, and eating delicious food, please book a tour with Goecco. You won’t be disappointed

Kristen McGuire Hoboken, New Jersey

Private Family Tours Iceland. For sale online now. P


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“The only way tour in Iceland”

5 of 5 stars

The only way to tour

To those of you reading this review. If you haven’t yet, flip for the private/semi-private tours. The personal attention and relaxing conditions are SSSSSOOOOO very much better than the monstrous public tours…. miss the huge crowds at the sites, the overcrowded buses and the lack of one on one…. Absolutely Awesome time.

George S.

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“Iceland Wonderland Private Tour with Goecco”

5 of 5 stars

Iceland wonderland private tour

We are family of 4 (kids 12&10) who travel a lot and are always looking for new adventures off beaten path. This time we booked 3 days private tour with Goecco and we had just a dream vocation! Our driver guide Atli was the best guide we ever had. He met us at the airport at 6am (even though Goecco warned us that earliest pick up was 9am). His knowledge of the places he showed us, his constant attention to every detail, his concern about our safety- and about our fun- was truly one of a kind. This man is a walking encyclopedia- he told us so much about the history of Iceland, glaciers, volcanoes, even types of rocks we came across- and kids loved his stories about trolls and old heroes! Atli went above and beyond taking us to more places than we ever dreamed to see- and doing his best to beat the crowds (successfully so!). In spite of busy Christmas vocation week he made us feel that we were alone in the beautiful wonderland of Iceland- we found ourselves in an icy cave with waterfall, listened to the glacier slowly moving in the dark of the night and hiked up the glacier where there was no one- just sun, wind and ice… truly unforgettable experience! Atli’s kindness and sense of humor made us feel that we knew him for a long time- and we are looking forward coming to Iceland again in summer and hopefully see our friend again. Simon B., Ontario, Canada

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“The best tour I have ever been on! Hands Down!”

5 of 5 stars Best tour I have ever been on! Hands down!

This tour was by far the best thing I have ever done. I travel quite a bit for leisure and I usually don’t do tours. The few I have done were structured and a bit impersonal. NOT so here. From the minute he picked us up Atli treated us to a 5-star tour of the best of Iceland. We saw things that I would never have riding around on my own. He told us fantastic stories about Iceland from growing up there. He answered all our questions. Each time he took us to a new place he was almost as excited to show it to us as we were to see it. The best part about this tour is that we didn’t have to drive back to Reykjavik at the end of the day but stayed in southeast Iceland so got to see much more. When I first looked at the tour I thought it was too high but if you add up 2 nights in a hotel, dinner and breakfast, and three different days of tours in Iceland it will be more than this tour and it won’t be half the fun

Terrimahan, Little Rock, Arkansas

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“Experience the unparalleled beauty of Iceland! 

5 of 5 stars

Experience the unparalleled beauty of Iceland while avoiding the hordes of tourists

Our family visited Reykjavik for 2 weeks. We are a very active and challenging family of 12 ranging in age from 5-60 years old with a variety of interests and idiosyncrasies. We booked day tours out of Reykjavik with several companies including 2 tours with Goecco (White Night Volcano Hike and Snæfellsnes & Geothermal Bathing Tour). Goecco itineraries achieved the nearly impossible – taking us to amazing spots while avoiding the crowds. It felt like we were seeing and enjoying these places more like locals than like tourists. Our guides (Anna Frida, Kristina and Selma) and our drivers were all wonderful and made us feel that we were in very good hands. This helped us relax and have a great time. We never felt rushed. We are very grateful for their hospitality and kindness! Thanks!!

mer_eab_emr Mississauga, Canada

What to expect from our Wild Westfjords Family Tour

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