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Goecco Eco Asventures Iceland

Goecco Eco Adventures Iceland

“If I were going to do one thing in Iceland, it would be to take a tour with Goecco,” she said. “

The guides from this company take small groups out to extremely remote locations that are beautiful beyond imagination. The guides are charismatic and offer an extremely unique perspective on both life in Iceland and its natural landscape.(full article)

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The New York Times
“Take if from a PRO TRAVEL WRITER — You will never, ever find a better guide!”

My name is Jake Halpern and I am a journalist and professional travel writer. I have traveled the world over and have met countless guides. I am not easily impressed. And I have never written a review like this before. But I can tell you that the guys that run GoEcco Travel are amazing! They gave me a tour of the city in which I visited all the baths, met the artists, the used car salesmen, the architects, the best restaurants, I even met the World’s Strongest man. The guides were awesome. I felt like I was traveling with my best friend. If I could clone them and replicate them, placing them in every country I visit, I would do it. These guys are the best, not just in Iceland, but in general. If you are still reading this review, and have not already booked your trip, you are wasting your time.

Visited February 2011

Our evening with Goecco was the most memorable on my tour in Iceland. Margurite Delago / National Geographic

Lonely Planet has just voted Goecco as number 4 of the 10 best Freebies of the World.

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