How to Photograph the Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights with an iPhone

Here is the Northern Lights iPhone App we like! 

Can You Photograph the Northern Lights with an iPhone?

The short answer is YES you can. So there is no need to invest in a huge camera or lots of fancy objects to take pictures of the Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis. With the help of the Northern Lights iPhone app: Northern Lights Photo Taker (Apple IOS), you can turn your iPhone camera with no settings, into one that can take pictures of the northern lights with the push of a button.


How to use the Northern Lights Photo Taker app

We have tested the Northern Lights Photo Tracker iPhone app at Goecco and it is really easy to install and simple to use. It does just one thing and that is to take better photos of the Northern Lights with your iPhone

The app comes with four preset settings and the option of customizing your settings. Which setting works best will depend on the intensity of the Northern Lights.

Use the “weak” low setting first if the Northern Lights are faint. If you find that your images are over-exposed then move up to moderate or strong. You can also use the “custom” setting and manually set your shutter, iso, temperature, tint and exposure.


One IMPORTANT thing!

Photographing the night sky means keeping the lens open long enough for the camera to absorb enough light. So it is absolutely worth investing in one single object: a small tripod with a grip for iPhones. This will improve the quality a lot. If you are not bringing a tripod then you can try to balance your phone in the show or between some rocks to keep your phone perfectly still.

This Northern Lights iPhone app can, of course, also be used on iPad.


The Image Quality

The pictures will not compare to DSLR quality, expect them to be a bit more grainy. The quality will also depend on how strong the Northern Lights are on the night.

But if you are a light traveller or don’t have the big fancy DSLR needs, then this Northern Lights iPhone app is definitely a nice option!


Bring a Power Charger

Expect the battery on your phone to drain faster in Iceland. Cold temperatures and iPhones are not best friends. So bring a power charger and make sure to protect it as much as possible form the cold.


Other Useful Northern Lights iPhone Apps

We have not tested these to apps, but if you are really into low light photography then check out these two apps, which we have heard great things about from our guests:

Cortex Camera ( Apple iOS / Android )

NightCap Pro ( Apple iOS )
(Designed for overall better photos, including higher resolution) $2.99
(Designed specifically to capture the Aurora Borealis on your iPhone) $1.23


Apps to help predict Northern lights:


Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Iceland iPhone Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Iceland iPhone