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Goecco: Tours in Iceland – Made by Us, Guided by Us!

We have been doing Small group tours, private tours and family tours in Iceland since 2007. Whether you go on one of our hikes, day-tours, or private tours we’ll show you the real Iceland: the serene, the thunderous, the quaint, and the surreal. Goecco is about experiencing the best of  Iceland on our down-to-earth tours, guided by real men and women.

As we are huge fans of the peaceful, beautiful Iceland we often follow the winding road to the places others don’t go. And when we do go the popular spots, we make an effort to be there during ‘quiet’ times. As we go along we throw in a bit of good music, local food and just enjoy real people talking to real people!

We are known for finding new places and inventing new tours. We don’t work with big corporations, agents or booking engines. We work with local people, finding new places to sleep, eat and experience Iceland.

We make an effort to work with like-minded people, who love and respect nature and other human beings. We don’t choose our guides from their guide school certificate but from their life experience and personality.

So if you want a big, fancy tour bus going from sterile photo opportunity to photo opportunity, we are not for you – but if you are looking for a road trip with good friends – come along with an open heart and a generous spirit!

Our Reykjavik Down Town Office, Bankastræti 10, 101 Reykjavik. We are open 7 days of the week from 09:00 to 17:00.

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If you want to comment on our tours we welcome you to send us a line. If you for some reason are not satisfied with our services please contact us as soon as possible.

You can either send an e-mail to goecco@goecco.com , or write us a letter to our head office in Denmark Admiralgade 19A / 1066 Copenhagen C, Denmark or our Iceland affiliate at Goecco/KBHK Bankastræti 10. 101 Reykjavik, Iceland.

If you need any assistance, please never hesitate to contact us!

Goecco Head office Denmark (Handelskompagniet Kjöbenhavn)

Admiralgade 19A

1066 Copenhagen K


Iceland affiliate 

Goecco/Icelandic Ice Cave Guides

Bankastræti 10

101 Reykjavik


Telephone +354 855 9090.

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