Hot Spring Meditation Hike

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Price from 180,-USD

Leave your hectic life behind, grab your hiking boots and come on a journey for body, mind and soul. You will hike in stunning volcanic scenery and meditate in steamy, hot geothermal water. This a morning tour for everyone who wants to start the day in full bliss and connect with the pure nature and raw energy of Iceland.

 Photographs from this tour

Rise and shine

We will rise and shine in early in the morning, and drive out of Reykjavik when the other tourists are still fast asleep. As soon as we are out of town you will see lava fields unfold and grand mountains rising in the horizon – all shaped by powerful forces of nature.

We start the hike on the top of Hengill volcano 800 m above sea level. This is one of the largest and most powerful geothermal areas on Earth, but don’t worry this volcano has not erupted for 2000 years. As soon as we head out you’ll see clouds of mysterious steam coming up from the boiling hot mud pots. Soon you will find yourself in another world also known as Reykjadalur or simply: Steamy Valley.

We hike downhill into the ancient, steamy crater and the green luscious valley with a hot river running through it. Here we will find a good spot to cleanse our bodies and minds in the warm geothermal water coming directly from within the core of Mother Nature. Our guide will take us through a water meditation and breathing exercises. Don’t worry if you have never tried to meditate – this will all be at an easy beginner’s level. You will also have the possibility of finding your own meditation spot if you wish. What’s important is that you get a moment to just be you, become one with the element and let the pure water relax your soul.

Recharged and refreshed we continue the hike downhill enjoying being in the pure nature, feeling every footstep and being present in the now. On the way we will be passing more steam, grazing sheep, stunning scenery, and a beautiful hot waterfall.

On our return to Reykjavik we will listen to some relaxing Icelandic music. And enjoy feeling a little bit high on life and on Icelandic nature. Our calm minds will be loaded with beautiful scenery and powerful forces of nature ready to face civilization again.

Departures 2017: 1st of May to 15th of September.

Departure days/time: All days at 07:00 in the morning from the Hallgrims Church.

Price: Adult: 180,- USD. Youth: 165 USD (13-17 yrs.)

Note: For this tour to be confirmed, the minimum number of passengers has to be met. If the tour is not confirmed you will get a full refund.

Minimum age: 12 years.

Group size: Min. 4 guests, max. 18 guests.

Language: English

Duration: 6-7 hours. Est. arrival time Reykjavik around 13:00.

Hiking-level: Although the hike is easy and downhill all the way it requires flexibility and reasonable fitness level. This hike has steep parts that are not for people with weak knees, or injuries…

What to wear:  Bring good hiking boots, windproof and rainproof outer layer, light and warm inner layer, such as wool, fleece or thermal.

What to bring:
Hiking boots
Bathing suit + towel
Waterbottle + food
Big smiles

Friendly note:  We expect you to be an active part of the tour. Join the conversation. Speak up. Ask questions. Share your thoughts. Make new friends. And most of all remember to enjoy the moment.

You are not alone: As Iceland has become a major hotspot destination you must expect other tourists around you. On every tour we will aim to get away from the masses, but there will be busy stops too. Instead of being annoyed about it we try to see the beauty in people coming to admire our pure nature…rather than just another resort with a shopping mall and a theme park.

Pick up will be from Hallgrims Church by the statue of the Explorer Leifur Erikson. This is a central pick up for most locations down town. We meet at 7:00am – we will depart at 7:15am


Pick up will be from Hallgrims Church by the statue of the Explorer Leifur Erikson. This is a central pick up for most locations down town. We meet at 7:00am – we will depart at 7:15am

“White Night Hiking – not to be missed!!!” 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved being in Reykjavik but the highlight of my trip was definitely going off late night walking on the ‘White Night Hike’ with our guide Jonas. From the start of the walk it felt like our party had landed on an undiscovered planet as we explored black volcanic hills, pools of bubbling molten rock and meandering rivers of steaming hot water.

We spotted an Arctic fox with a Fulmar bird in it’s mouth slowly climbing the valley to deliver its prey into a cave beneath the hilltop which was spell bounding. Jonas is a lovely man and brilliant company. He was informative about our environment and it’s flora and fauna. He ensured that were safe in a casual way and told us many amusing stories throughout our journey. We bathed and picnicked in the warm river. On our journey home we watched the sun set over Reykjavik whilst listening to ‘Sigur Ros’ – perfect match to the Icelandic landscape and a great finale to the evening. Would highly recommend – not be missed!!

Visited June 2014 / Dont take our word for this

best day hikes from Reykjavik

“White Night Volcano Hike” 5 of 5 stars

I had spent a total of twelve days in Iceland, specifically Reyjakivc. I was pretty hesitant to take a tour but then stumbled upon this volcano hike with GoECCO. Firstly, this tour was a life changing experience. We had hiked up these beautiful hills and descended a “sheep path” that made us able to see geothermal holes up close and personal.

Secondly, the guides on the tour were so knowledgeable. Every question possibly asked was answered in detail. I was really astounded on their robust knowledge of Iceland’s: history, environment and much more. After about an hour hike where the guides told us that we could take as much time as we needed, which made for amazing pictures, we got to the geothermal river. There, the guides had given us some snacks and other refreshments. A truly, special experience hanging out with the guides and the other members of the tour in the hot spring river.

This company, GoEcco, has given me a extremely specific and amazing memory that i will forever remember. If you are trying to take a tour and are trying to avoid huge commercial ones. this is for you! The guides give you an amazing experience. The group is small enough so that you can enjoy particular moments but big enough so you can share the happiness. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience. From Canada with Love.

Visited August 2016 / Dont take our word for this

outdoor geothermal bathing

“Don’t bother with the other tour operators, Goecco are the best by far!!”  5 of 5 stars

Goecco are hands down the best tour operators in Iceland! They go out of their way to make sure you have an awesome experience and run a very ethical business. Case in point my partner and I booked the Snaelfellsnes, Chasing Ice and White night hike tours with them. Unfortunately the White night hike was cancelled due to rain as it makes the area that you hike through really muddy and the hot springs not very hot. That was totally fine with us and as we had a day free we decided to book another tour with another company. Turns out we went to exactly the same place that the White night hike would have been and it was awful!! You couldn’t see anything because of the rain and it was so muddy and horrible and a couple of people were showing signs of hypothermia! Obviously in Iceland you have to be prepared for wild changes in the weather and it’s not always going to be perfect but I can’t believe this tour company (who shall remain nameless) took our money and went on the tour regardless! I respect Goecco so much for having common sense and cancelling the tour even though it would be a loss for them.

They also had to cut to Chasing Ice tour down to one day due to the pesky volcano but that was fine and we managed to pack so much into one day it made up for it! The Snaefellssnes tour was also amazing! And the guides are so knowledgable and funny!

If you’ve never been to Iceland it can be a bit daunting to decide whether to go exploring by yourself or choose a tour company. I’m not usually the one to go on guided tours but Goecco have such an ethical and friendly service it feels like you are being guided by a friend (thanks for the beers Teitur!). Plus they know all the secret spots around the place that you would never find if you were driving yourself such as the hot spring on the Snaelfellsnes tour which is in the middle of nowhere and one of the best experiences of my life!

This is a really long review but basically what I’m trying to say is put your trust in Goecco and you will not be disappointed!!! Thankyou Goecco!!

Visited September 2014 / Dont take our word for this

afternoon hike from reykjavik

“Exceeded Expectations!” 5 of 5 stars

I wasn’t sure to expect when I booked this tour for my friends and myself. We arrived in Iceland that morning after being awake for 24 hours. We weren’t sure that we’d make it through the hike, but we were pleasantly surprised and invigorated by the beautiful Icelandic landscape. Our tour guides were so knowledgeable that we couldn’t stop asking questions!

We started out the day by meeting up with the van outside the church in Reykjavik. We made a quick pit stop for some water and snacks, and then continued onto a little off-roading! We drove through a stream (very fun!) to get the van nice and clean and then began our hike. The hike started with a few general warnings about how not to injure yourself on the hike, as well as some shots of Brennivan. We continued to hike past pools of boiling hot silica, an amazing waterfall, and made a stop at a natural hot springs. We stripped down to our bathing suits and drank beers, ate sandwiches, and exchanged stories sitting in the hot springs.

I can’t adequately describe how life changing this hike was – and while Iceland is a treasure on it’s own – the tour guides at Goecco were impressive in every way! Thank you guys, for taking us off the beaten path and helping us fall in love with Iceland!

Visited May 2016  Dont take our word for this

great easy hot spring hike

“Why visit Iceland? The White Night Volcano Hike is why.” 5 of 5 stars

If you ever wondered why you should visit Iceland, this White Nights Volcano Hike answers the question. The tour takes you to the heart of an Icelandic geological wonder that exemplifies why the island such a unique place on our planet. The scenery, especially in the crater of the volcano is other-worldly and beautiful, and can only be found in a place where the earth’s crust is so thin.

The bubbling mud pits and rising steam, surrounded by lava hills covered in delicate vegetation, are simply awesome. No other hot tub experience will ever compare to sitting in a steamy hot stream in the dusky light of the late-night sun, sharing wine and food with new friends. The guides were fun and very knowledgeable, and perfect hosts for the evening. We enjoyed meeting and visiting with them. We highly recommend this hike to anyone who doesn’t mind getting a little mud on their boots.

Visited July 2016  Dont take our word for this

“Great 4×4 White Night Volcano Hike – with a swim” 5 of 5 stars

We departed from Reykjavík in the late afternoon and take off eastbound in our 4×4. Soon you’ll find yourself on a bumpy road cutting through the lava-field and splashing through rivers on an adventurous journey to our hiking destination. We started the hike on the top of Hengill volcano 800 m above sea level. This is one of the largest and most powerful geothermal areas on Earth, but don’t worry this volcano has not erupted for 2000 years.

As soon as we headed out you’ll see clouds of steam coming up from the boiling mud pots. We hike downhill into the ancient crater and the green luscious valley with a hot river running through it. Like a movie scene from Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. Here we found a good spot to bathe in the hot, steamy water and enjoy some Icelandic snacks and wine. A truly Icelandic experience! A must do !

Visited June 2015  Dont take our word for this

reykjadalur valley hike

“Just book it” 5 of 5 stars

The White Night Volcano Tour was an incredible experience.
Its not your typical hike and journey out and then back. Felt like I was walking through the Jurassic Park movie scenes. Gorgeous scenery, tranquility, fresh air and the hot springs, oh lying in the hot springs that was special. Creeks, hot pots, billowing smoke and the smell of sulfur everywhere.
Damien/Damon sorry about the spelling, was genuine and made the trip very worthy. He is passionate about this and its not a touristy experience but more of a local Icelandic experience.
In my opinion a must do, just book this tour when you are in Reykjavik.

Visited August 2015  Dont take our word for this

“The highlight of a trip that was full of highlights…” 5 of 5 stars

Book it… just do it. Doesn’t matter which excursion you pick, just go with Goecco. Jonas and Christina couldn’t be more accommodating and friendly… they embody the “Niceland” you always hear about.

We joined for the White Night Hike that turned into a Plan B because of the weather. When the weather turns, you have two options… lose that time spending it indoors (lame) or embrace it and make the most of it. Jonas is all about the latter… why waste the opportunity to have an experience? And an experience it was… cave exploration, lava tubes, hot chocolate, wine, schnapps and sandwiches. And the best part… a toasty hot spring situated in an alcove that blocked the wind and rain that night. I lied… the best part is your host. Jonas has soul, and has such pride for his country.

It gets better. When we had another tour suddenly cancelled (because of weather in the south) and we weren’t going to be able to join Goecco on a similar tour because of space constraints, Christina helped us out by getting us on the White Night Hike that evening (no plan B – the weather was going to be great). So here we were again with Jonas and his Icelandic spirit, but this time in a Super Jeep. The White Night Hike is an incredible experience… the hike is through the most beautiful mountainsides with hot springs and warm pots hidden throughout the valleys. The hot spring where you post-up is just incredible – the further upstream you go, the hotter the water.

Let me be helpful – take hiking boots or just some sort of waterproof boots you can get around in… no tennis shoes unless you want to be wet the whole time. Waterproof pants? A must (for Iceland in general), along with your towel. And wear your bathing suit from the start, makes it easier to jump in the hot spring as soon as you get there (you’ll want to).

Don’t forget to listen to Jonas, he is worthing listening to, and never ever say no to the schnapps when offered. You just don’t say no.

Visited August 2013  Dont take our word for this

“Wonderful, otherworldly experience. Must do.” 5 of 5 stars

Went on White Night Hike with 60-year old parents and 27-year old sister on July 4th. For me, it was the highlight of our trip to Iceland. Sights unlike any I’ve ever seen in my life. Guides are fantastic, passionate, enthusiastic, concerned with everyone having a good time, which we all did. If you want to get out of Reykjavik and see the countryside and natural areas that Iceland is known for, don’t look any further than Goecco. I really can’t say enough about how great it was. A lifetime memory with my parents and sister. I’ll never forget it and for that, I’m grateful. Thank you!
Visited July 2013

“Super Jeep + white night hike + river bathing” 5 of 5 stars Amazing night! Great people! 10/10 would do again.

This tour was one of the highlights of our trip to Iceland. The positives: it is not far away from the city so most of the time is spent actually hiking. The landscape is beautiful, magical and out of this world. In some sense, futuristic. The fact that this is a night hike makes it even more special.

The food and drinks were superb. Delicious salmon sandwich and lemon cake. All home made. The icelandic liquor Brennivin is so good. Not for the weak! The river bathing was truly fantastic. Better than spas.

The guides are extremely enthusiastic. They do this tour almost every night and still they give the impression that is the first time for them as well. They showed an extraordinary passion for their job, their land and sharing with others.

They gave us tips to find some more hot pools in Iceland. We followed their instructions and ended up in the most peaceful place. We would have never found the place without their help. They went out of their way to help us, sending email instructions next day, together with a recipe for the lemon cake. Nice!

The super jeep part was a lot of fun. They came to pick us up in a huge black monster. All other super jeeps look like jeeps for ants compared to this car. We crossed some rivers. Lots of splashing.

As a bonus we visited the cave in the movie Batman Begins and fire some fireworks to celebrate 4th of july.

Other tours seem planed with the ultimate goal in mind to allow for a restroom stop every 2 hours. Goecco creates experiences for authenthic people.

Visited July 2013  Dont take our word for this

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