Summer in Iceland

Never ending days and white nights are back. The midnight sun makes us high on light and charges our batteries. The whole island vibrates with life. Nature is an explosion of green colours, flowers, and wild herbs. The sea is alive with whales basking in the sun, puffins, fulmars, and seagulls fighting over small fish and best nesting sites. The mountains are dotted with fluffy sheep grassing on the steep mountain cliffs. And we are hiking new trails, bathing in hot pools, fly-fishing for wild salmon, camping in the green lava fields, and at the end of the summer, we watch pink and orange sunsets, sometimes more magic than the northern lights.
Summer Facts:

Summer is June, July, August
Average temperature in Reykjavik: 9-10,6°C (49,5-53,5°F)


2 Day Chasing Ice Tour

4 Element Ice Cave Tour

 Bring your swimsuit, camera, and get ready for going on an adventure that will take your breath away! 

 Bring your swimsuit, camera, and get ready to be overwhelmed – we are going on an adventure that will take your breath away!

Chasing Ice ECO Tour

On this tour we will explore one of the most fascinating elements on our Planet: Water and ice.
Hot Spring Volcano Hike

Hot Spring Volcano Hike

Duration 6-8 HRS, price USD 180

Magical Snæfellsnes

Magical Snæfellsnes

Explore the magical Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Duration 10-12 HRS, price USD 295,-

Morning Hot Spring Meditation Hike

Leave your hectic life behind, grab your hiking boots and come on a journey for body, mind and soul. You will hike in stunning volcanic scenery and meditate in steamy, hot geothermal water. This a morning tour for everyone who wants to start the day in full bliss and connect with the pure nature and raw energy of Iceland.

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