Photographing the Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights in Iceland with iPhone

If you’re looking to photograph the northern lights, I’d suggest going in winter when the days are longer, booking a private tour and chasing clear skies more than looking at the aurora maps. Even if they’re up there, you won’t see them on a cloudy night. Take a camera that can handle the high ISO with the widest lens you have available, and if you feel like you’re getting skunked, just wait a couple hours. In the meantime, there are plenty of other reasons to visit Iceland.

With iPhone:
There are several apps that can be used to help you capture the perfect Aurora Borealis picture with your iPhone! The ones that we would recommend are:
(Designed for overall better photos, including higher resolution) $2.99

(Designed specifically to capture the Aurora Borealis on your iPhone) $1.23


Apps to help predict Northern lights: