Ice Cave Express Tour

We’ve been asked again and again to make a one-day ice cave tour from Reykjavík. Here it is!

Prices from 385,-USD

This tour is an intense winter adventure chasing both ice and arctic light to get to our destination of the day the grand blue ice caves of Vatnajokull. 

On the way, we will see icebergs and glaciers. Waterfalls and black beaches. Roaring sea and quiet scenery. We’ll take care of the driving the icy roads. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy it all.

We were pioneers in ice caving in Iceland, so when you go with us, you can trust that our ice cave guides are professional and experienced. 

Photographs from this tour

Departures 2016/17: From 1st of November 2016 to 1st of April 2017

Departure days: All days

Pick up: From the Viking statue at Hallgrim’s Church at 7:15 in the morning. This location is central to most hotels and guesthouses.

Duration: 16 – 18 hrs. Est. arrival time in Reykjavik is 23:00. 

Price:   Adult (18 yrs. and older) – 385,- USD. Youth (13-17 yrs.) –  285,- USD

Note: For this tour to be confirmed, the minimum number of passengers has to be met. If the tour is not confirmed you will get a full refund.

Group size: Min 4 / Max 26 in 4×4 Arctic Truck

Minimum age: 13 years

Language: English

Included: Transport in an arctic truck, off-road transport to the ice cave in a 4×4 vehicle, guide, Ice caving. All glacier safety equipment: helmet, crampons, ice spikes.

Not included: Any meals, bring food and snacks for the day, we do stop at a local Bakery on our way and we stop for dinner after darkness.

Highlights of the Tour: Ice caving, Jökulsarlon.

Hiking-level: Easy to moderate often on icy or uneven ground.

Stops (depending on the moody winter weather.)

  • Skogafoss Waterfall
  • Reynisfjara black beach and basalt columns
  • Glacier Lagoon 
  • Crystal Beach
  • Ice Caving 
  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

What to wear:

We are in the arctic and the weather can be windy and brutal in the winter. Therefore it is very important to dress well. Bring good hiking boots and warm socks, windproof and rainproof outer layer, light and warm inner layer, such as wool, fleece or thermal. Also remember a scarf and gloves. NO trainers, NO city boots.

Is this a tour for you?  

This tour is for those who want to make the most of their time in Iceland. So when we say express, we mean express. It is a very long day tour ideal for those who want to relax and let a pro do the driving through wind and snow on the tricky Icelandic roads.  If you have more time join our 2 or 3-day ice tours, which include more stops and more time to explore. 

Rise and shine
To make the most of the limited daylight, we leave Reykjavik early to hit the wintery roads before the crowds. Ahead we have a day packed with both adventure and meditative time to take in the grand scenery of Iceland.
Waterfall of the Vikings
First stop is one of the most magical waterfall in Iceland Skogafoss.
Black Beach 
Next stop is the most stunning and powerful black pebble beach in Iceland: Reynisfjara Beach with its basalt formations and columns. Beware that the waves at Reynisfjara are strong and unpredictable and have caused death several times, so it is vital to listen to the guide’s instructions about keeping a distance to the sea and not climb on the rocks.
Lava field and Black desert
After the town of Vík, we cross the impressive Laki Lava Field which is the biggest one on the planet. Followed by the black desert of Skeidarasandur. You’ll see what it’s like to live in a country with 200 earthquakes a day, 150 active volcanoes and clear signs of climate change.
Vatnajökull Glacier 
We are now getting closer to the mysterious and stunning Vatnajökull Glacier! Europe’s largest glacier – with its gigantic blocks of ice, layers of volcanic dust capsule within the ice and its breathtaking blue ice caves of Skaftafell National Park. 
Glacier Lagoon
We stop at the famous Jökulsarlon – also known as the Glacier Lagoon and a famous film location for Hollywood movies fx James Bond (Die Another Day and A View to Kill). Here you see the ever changing icebergs in white and blue in the ice cold lagoon – on most days we see seals and birds playing in the water. We will also go to the Glacier Beach aka Crystal Beach, which we think is actually cooler than the lagoon. Here you can touch the ancient icebergs and shoot amazing up-close photographs. And if you bring whiskey we have ice!
 Ice Caving

From Glacier Lagoon our 4×4 truck will work hard through the lunar landscape and chew its way through rocks, ice, and snow to get us there. This is where it will make sense to you why we don’t recommend self-driving in Iceland!

Depending on the conditions on the day and how far we can drive we will do a short hike up to the ice cave. All our guides are specially trained so listen carefully to their safety instructions and always wear your helmet.

Once you enter the ice cave you’ll see that it’s simply a once in a lifetime experience in one of the wonders of the world. It’s like standing under a frozen blue ocean or in a frozen cathedral with tones of white, blue. Just enjoy the silence.

The ice caves are natural structures come and go with the seasons. They are being born in the Summer from the massive pressure of glacial melt-water and can only be accessed in the winter when they empty. That is why the caves are never the same. The first famous cave we found, also known as The Crystal Ice Cave in Skaftafell National Park collapsed years ago. Our ice cave guides find new ice caves in Vatnajökull Glacier and other glaciers each season.

As ice caving has become the no. 1 popular thing to do in Iceland, you must expect other people in the ice caves especially around national holidays.

All images you see on our website are shot on our tours the past seasons. However, ice caves change every season and are reborn with the meltwater from the Summer season, so the ice caves will NOT be exactly like the images you see here. The images can only be used as a guidance. We just have to wait and see what Mother Nature makes for us each season. 

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
And we have one more waterfall for you: Seljalandsfoss Waterfall – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. It is floodlit at night and best of all there will be almost no other tourists…

Practical information

To make the most of the limited daylight, there will only be short toilet stops and NO stops for food. We recommend you to  bringing your own food or do shopping at a local Bakery on our way.

Friendly note: We expect you to be an active part of the tour. Join the conversation. Speak up. Ask questions. Share your thoughts. Make new friends. And most of all remember to enjoy the moment . 

You are not alone: As Iceland has become a major hotspot destination you must expect other tourists around you. On every tour we will aim to get away from the masses, but there will be busy stops too. Instead of being annoyed about it we try to see the beauty in people coming to admire our pure nature…rather than just another resort with a shopping mall and a theme park.

Pick up will be from Hallgrims Church by the statue of the Explorer Leifur Erikson. This is a central pick up for most locations down town. We meet at 7:15 – we will depart at 7:30

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Dont take our word for it, here are few Tripadvisor comments.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 13.06.18

We joined the Glacier Lagoon Express and Ice Hiking tour organised by Geocco in June. We had great fun with them. We departed from Reykjavik at 8:30am and traveled to Jokulsarlon. There are many amazing sites along the road. We returned to home at almost 2am the next day! Our guide Jonas is humorous, knowledgeable and helpful. His partner Daiman is a great guy too. A very enjoyable experience. Recommended.

Visited June 2015

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 13.06.18

We went on the Glacier Lagoon Express tour with Teitur in mid-February. It was a long day lasting from 8am until 1:30am the next morning. Teitur kept the conversation going the entire time, even when we were falling asleep towards the end. The trip basically involved the south coast tour, plus extras like the glacier lagoon which most tour companies do not venture to during the winter.

There were plenty of opportunities for rest stops at gas stations and our lunch was actually a dinner at a truck stop, which included a meal of the day or ordering off the menu (lamb burger, chicken, fries/chips, etc.). Be sure to bring a bottle of water, some trail mix, and a back pack for camera gear. Climbing down into the underground cave might be difficult for older individuals and you will want waterproof gear for the hidden waterfall.

The trip was very much “go at your own pace” and Teitur was glad to stay for as long as the group wanted to at each stop. Personally, I would have liked a little more structure or guidance as to how long we should stay at each stop. At the end I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t spend very much time at the glacier lagoon (the main attraction) and that we did not get to see Seljalandsfoss up close during the day (during the winter you go back and see it at night when lit up). Granted we were rushing towards the end to see an ice cave before dark, which isn’t normally included in the tour so I am very grateful for the rare opportunity.

It was too cloudy for the northern lights, so we did not look for them on the way back to Reykjavik. Also for further clarification, we did not get to bathe in a geothermal pool and the volcano areas are merely pointed at off in the distance and explained (minus the lava field). If you are wondering like I was, you will see the glaciers and possibly get up close to one, but you will not stand or hike on it.

If I could go back and do this tour again, I would have spent less time at the underground cave and hidden waterfall in order to maximize our time at the glacier lagoon. Also I would have taken a stroll along black sand beach (plenty of time there) and sneaked over to Seljalandsfoss for a few photos during the day. Point being, make sure you speak up and tell your guide what you really want to spend your time on. Overall a great tour and well worth the money for something we could not have done on our own during the winter.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 13.06.18

Touched down in Iceland with an idea of wanting to explore the ice caves, only to discover that all tours to the ice caves were fully booked as very few tour operators offered that to begin with. We then wrote to Jonas from Goecco to find out if a last minute tour for ice caves was possible. And the Glacier Lagoon Express was born! (Kind of anyway since it wasn’t on the website previously)

We had an amazing time with Teitur, our guide, who was both humorous, entertaining and a great story teller! Descending into the Batman cave, treading waters into the Gljúfrafoss (canyon dwelling waterfall), watching the white waves crash onto the black sand beach in Reynisfjara, Glacier Lagoon in Jökulsárlón, lava fields and finally the ice caves…

An experience of a lifetime. In one hell of a day.


P.S. Thank you Teitur and Jonas for making our trip so unforgettable!

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 13.06.18

I can’t imagine there would be a best way to visit Iceland! Originally booked for the 2-day Chasing Ice tour, we had to change our plans because of the repetitive earthquakes caused by the active volcano at the time of our trip. Security first – it would have been too risky to stay overnight that close to the volcano, therefore Jonas suggested going with plan B: the Glacier lagoon express tour. A 16-hour action packed day – waterfalls, caves, lava field, black beach, glacier lagoon, glacier hiking, ice caves and more! Absolutely incredible sights and great vibe from Jonas and the rest of the group – amazing experience!!

Visited September 2014

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