Iceland Classic

Welcome to the most exciting classroom in the World!

Geysirs, Glaciers & Ghosts 

This adventure is probably the most exciting classroom your kids will ever attend – geology, history, biology and wildlife whilst playing and having tons of fun!

You will see the most famous and classic highlights of Iceland: the Golden Circle & South Coast with Geysirs, Geothermal steam, majestic waterfalls, wildlife, black sand beaches, basalt columns, ancient glaciers, icebergs and volcanoes.

We’ll take a closer look at volcanic eruptions, how glaciers are made, the effects of global warming, and how our planet is alive. We’ll listen to troll stories, look for hidden people and ghosts.

We’ll stand between two continents and set foot on the ground where the oldest parliament in the world was founded.

Pack your bags for an exciting adventure through the most famous sights of Iceland.

Note: This tour is suited for kids all ages from 8 years and up due to glacier hiking.

The tour can also be done without glacier hiking and will then suit younger children from 3-4 years and up.

DAY 1 – South Shore Expedition

Today you will see black beaches, basalt columns, huge waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, Icelandic horses and colourful, rough scenery.

We start out with two amazing waterfalls. First, the famous Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, which we will do an exciting hike behind to hear and feel the roaring power of Mother Nature.

We are sure little explorers will also be thrilled by the next waterfall inside the cliffs, which hides a magical, fairytale-like world. This is where kids often encounter hidden people and other beings.

We continue past the famous volcano and glacier Eyjafjallajokull, which became famous for closing down air traffic in 2010. Our next stop the stunning Skogafoss Waterfall – famous for its magic rainbows!

Then it is time to go to the beach. Iceland’s most famous black volcanic beach: Reynisfjara Beach with its basalt formations and columns that have inspired many landmarks like Hallgrims Church, Harpa music hall and our National Theatre. This is also the summer-home of puffins and thousands of other birds, which we will spot flying above our heads.

We will pass the small village of Vík to cross the biggest lave field on the planet: Laki Lava Field. And next up is the pitch black desert of Skeidarasandur. Both these places are a great example of what it’s like to live in a country with 200 earthquakes a day, 150 active volcanoes and how these immense powers have shaped Iceland.

We suggest staying the night in the area of Kirkjubæjarklaustur, which also has a great local swimming pool.

DAY 2 – Glacier Lagoon & Glacier hiking 

We have a day full of adventure ahead of us. Today is all about ice as we explore Europe’s largest glacier: Vatnajökull, which takes up 8% of Iceland’s total landmass.

It is an amazing place for the whole family to explore this element. We’ll see, feel and taste the ice, walk on it and even listen to it

No wonder that this other-worldly place has become a famous film location for Hollywood movies fx James Bond (Die Another Day and A View to Kill), Lara Croft, Interstellar, Batman Begins, Oblivion, Halo (game) and of course the famous tv-show: Game of Thrones.

Glacier Lagoon

We stop at the famous Jökulsarlon – also known as the Glacier Lagoon with its ever-changing icebergs. Here we will set out on an adventurous zodiac iceberg-safari to take a closer look at these fascinating white and blue wonders. On most days we will see seals and birds playing in the ice-cold lagoon too.

After this, we will get even closer to the icebergs when we visit the glacier beach also known as the Diamond Beach. Here you will find that the beach is scattered with stranded icebergs. This gives you a perfect chance to touch and even taste the ancient ice and see how layers of volcanic dust are capsuled within it. A great place to play around and shoot amazing up-close photographs.

Set foot on the largest glacier in Europe Family private tour iceland

We continue to one of the most beautiful outlets of the glacier to put on our ice spikes, helmets and axes to do a glacier walk. This is always a mind-blowing experience for young and old. You’ll really feel the forces of nature when you walk on the ancient ice, look into deep crevasses, and listen to the sounds of the glacier.

If anyone in the family is a fan of the HBO series: Game of Thrones, they will be thrilled about this part of the tour. Because now they will find themselves beyond the Wall with White Walkers and Wildlings lurking around…

We do an easy hike that everyone can take part in just to get a feel for the glacier. Again listen to the guide, listen to nature and listen carefully to the safety instructions.

We suggest staying the night in the area of Kirkjubæjarklaustur again.

DAY 3 – Golden Circle Adventure

We head back towards Reykjavik to do the famous Golden Circle route along the South Shore. Today we will explore the most iconic sights of Iceland: Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir.

First stop is Iceland’s most beautiful and breath-taking waterfall: Gullfoss carved out of the lava fields. It’s the largest fall in Europe and some of our guests even say that it’s more amazing than the Niagara falls! Judge for yourself whilst you enjoy the midst of glacial water on your face.

Then we continue to the geysers area with the Geysir after which all other geysers are named. Here we’ll see the lively geyser Strokkur erupt every 5-10 minutes reaching a height of up to 30 meters. And we’ll also have a look at the other geothermal features around it: mud pools, fumaroles, algal deposits, and other mini-geysers. It’s a unique place to see and hear how Mother Earth is alive!

Our last stop is the famous and beautiful Thingvellir National Park and UNESCO Heritage site. The scenery here is amazing no matter the weather!  We’ll get a close look at how the tectonic plates work as we follow the footsteps of Game of Thrones into the rift valley between the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plate. Thingvellir is also where the first settlers of Iceland founded the world’s oldest parliament Althingi in the year 930. So this place has a special meaning to all Icelanders.

A short drive later we’ll be back in Reykjavik refreshed with new memories, knowledge and a bunch of great family photos.


This tour package includes.

Glacier Hike (join in)
Glacier Lagoon zodiac tour (join in)

2 Nights at nice family friendly hotel
No hotel is guaranteed, it all depends on the availability

Hotel Breakfast
Guide Accommodation & food
All Taxes & Planning Fees

Well done, Goecco!

My daughter and I had the pleasure of taking two tours with Goecco during our trip to Iceland in March 2016. The first was the Snaefellsnes Peninsula tour, with guide Damen. The second was the 2-day Chasing Ice tour, with main guide Anna and ice cave guide Alf. Both trips were the highlight of our vacation. Jonas and Christina (Goecco’s owners) were very communicative via email prior to our trip, and answered all of our questions. I like the theory behind their tours … that is, not to just tell tourists how high this peak is, or other information that we’ll soon forget. Goecco takes you out to some of the most beautiful places in Iceland, off the beaten path, and their guides are so unique and interesting. These were unlike any other tours we’ve ever had, and that’s definitely a GOOD thing! When we return to Iceland in the future, which is a given, we’ll be sure to book tours through Goecco again!

Ann S

Stafford, Virginia


Iceland wonderland private tour

We are family of 4 (kids 12&10) who travel a lot and are always looking for new adventures off beaten path. This time we booked 3 days private tour with Goecco and we had just a dream vocation! Our driver guide Atli was the best guide we ever had. He met us at the airport at 6am (even though Goecco warned us that earliest pick up was 9am). His knowledge of the places he showed us, his constant attention to every detail, his concern about our safety- and about our fun- was truly one of a kind. This man is a walking encyclopedia- he told us so much about the history of Iceland, glaciers, volcanoes, even types of rocks we came across- and kids loved his stories about trolls and old heroes! Atli went above and beyond taking us to more places than we ever dreamed to see- and doing his best to beat the crowds (successfully so!). In spite of busy Christmas vocation week he made us feel that we were alone in the beautiful wonderland of Iceland- we found ourselves in an icy cave with waterfall, listened to the glacier slowly moving in the dark of the night and hiked up the glacier where there was no one- just sun, wind and ice… truly unforgettable experience! Atli’s kindness and sense of humor made us feel that we knew him for a long time- and we are looking forward coming to Iceland again in summer and hopefully see our friend again.


Simon B.

Ontario, Canada


Amazing Private Tour of South Iceland

We would give Goecco and our tour guide Atli 6 stars if we could for our fabulous private tour of South Iceland. Understanding that a private tour is not for everyone, we still think the value was incredible as we did so many things we never otherwise would have or could have without the flexibility of being on our own, combined with our guide Atli’s enthusiasm to show us every nook and cranny the South coast has to offer. We saw all the popular tourist sites mentioned on Goecco’s website and then made countless stops in between and beyond that only an experienced guide would be able to show us. We modified the itinerary/order of activities on the fly based on the weather and even went to the same place twice if we could get better pictures. Goecco was extremely responsive and honest about cost and options all the way through the process and they were able to accommodate specific requests – like fitting in a glacier snowmobiling excursion on the last day. Most important to the experience was our guide Atli, who went out of his way time and time again to share the beauty and culture of Iceland with us every step of the way. “No” was not in his vocabulary and even the little things he did made the biggest difference (from allowing us to use his phone as a mobile hotspot while on the road to making sure we had plenty of drinks and snacks for the longer drives). He shared all of the photos he took over our three days immediately after the tour and we look forward to staying in touch with him about Iceland and beyond. Our thanks again to Goecco and Atli for an amazing experience.

ETB8285, New York City, New York


Excellent Private Photo Tour

Where to begin planning your adventures in Iceland? Start Only With Excellence !!! Halli Hansen, with Goecco was absolutely dedicated and up to the challenge of showing a young professional photographer, my 15 year old son, parts of Iceland free of tour busses and bazillion tourist! My son returned from his private photo tour beyond ecstatic and the photos minus tourist where breath taking. Halli even took photos of my son while on tour and emailed them to us!!! Now how fantastic is that!!!!!!!

After coming down with pneumonia while traveling with my teenage son, I needed to find a company that I felt I could trust. Plus meet the very high standards of a professional photographer. Fridrik from GOecco exceeded all expectation in providing, coordinating and pairing my son with Halli for a private photo tour. Looooove this company!!!!!!!!

Looking for a non touristy photo adventure ? Book your private excursion with GOECCO! If you are luck you might just get Halli Hansen, in fact you should ask for him directly to be your guide for a remarkable experience that all travelers to Iceland should have. Bravo Goecco! Bravo Halli!!

Denise C

Haleiwa, Hawaii

What to Expect from our Iceland Classic Family Tour

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